“Jeremy is always my first call for live or studio keys and production. I can trust that, no matter the situation, he will deliver a beautiful performance and product. Jeremy’s command of his instrument allows him to satisfy the needs of any project; he excels in all genres, giving tasteful performances that demonstrate both passion and discipline. Perhaps most importantly, he has fun with it, and he makes me have fun, too.”

Noel Bisesti – drummer, vocalist, guitarist



“Very creative, outside the box with a firm knowledge of and respect for the box.”

Kenny Walker – bassist



“I have worked with Jeremy both in the studio and on stage, as well as on a studio and in a stage many times ….Why we have known each other for over 20 years… which is much longer than we have known ourselves. His comping always makes my solos sound like an epic movie filled with aliens and explosions while his production always makes my guitar sound like a warm summer day, with aliens and explosions. You would be unwise to not use Jeremy on your recording project or at your next gig… Unless you don’t like aliens or explosions… In which case you should get someone else who specializes in making you sound like a cold day with no aliens and only one explosion”

Larue Nickelson – guitarist, crazy person



“How does one describe Jeremy Douglass in a few words? Impeccable taste, consummate professional, musical genius. When I have the pleasure of working with him, witnessing his wizardry and listening to his unique approach to whatever genre he’s taking on, I am consistently dazzled. I always say due to his highly creative mind you’ll never hear a song performed the same way twice. He produced some of my originals and I left feeling like, “I wrote THAT?” His production skills are astounding.”

Jamie Perlow – singer / songwriter / guitarist



“What a pleasure to work with such a talent! Seamlessly blending musical styles, with great tones and great ears, Jeremy is also a great guy to be around. He has given me goosebumps many times with his soulful playing. He also shows up early, and you know how rare that is…”

Ronnie Dee – singer / saxophonist



“Jeremy just makes you a better player! Whether he is supporting a soloist with the rhythm section or taking the spotlight himself, he just knows how to make it feel good, and with a smile on his face. I look forward to every time we have the chance to play together….which we should make happen more often!!”

Mike Macarthur – saxophonist



“It has been an absolute pleasure to play many gigs with Jeremy Douglass over the past five years. He is an exceptionally accomplished, versatile and tasteful musician. In addition, he is a fantastic producer (his record projects always sound incredible) and he is a joy to be around. I always look forward to making music with Jeremy.”

Phil Magallanes – bassist



“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy numerous times over the years. Not only is he a great player who can adapt to almost every musical style, he also does the little things to make the gig a success. He comes early and has always been a team player on every gig whether it be a duo or full band. His musical abilities make him a valuable asset as either a sideman or a solo act because he does both very well.”

Tim George – bassist / music director / educator



“I’ve had the pleasure of performing in a large band with Jeremy for the last few months. This group has very few rehearsals, if any at all. As a fellow polyphonic instrumentalist (guitar), it’s refreshing to perform alongside another who is prepared and sensitive to constantly changing musical situations. Jeremy comes to each performance ready to adapt to many roles required of a keyboardist – to lead a song harmonically, to play on top if I am leading, or to improvise a solo while always being aware when the bandleader is ready to move on. Moreover, his sense of timbre and willingness to create accurate patches for each individual song before every performance in commendable. All these skills come with his well-earned reputation of dry wit. He is my first call when I need a keyboardist.”

Jason Hobert – guitarist



“Jeremy Douglas is not only a phenomenal keyboardist, with gargantuan technique, he also has an arsenal of unique musical ideas and a quirky way of juxtaposing them. I love listening to him play.”

Tony Green – guitarist / synthesist / funky mutha



“Jeremy is brilliant. His great energy and personality makes every gig a comfortable adventure. He always brings something fresh and creative to the stage that inspires the musicians he works with and the audiences he entertains.”

Sasha Tuck – vocalist / composer / instructor