My name is Jeremy Douglass.

I'm a pianist, composer, recording artist and engineer, deep sea welder

and leader/creator of acclaimed megasuperband The Florida Bjorkestra

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toy window studio

toy window studio card front

Toy Window is what I call my recording, arranging and production operation. It's where I work with singers, songwriters, composers, and instrumentalists to help put their songs and ideas on tape. Or hard drive, actually.

The studio is my home. Literally.

It's not just the place where music happens. It's also the place where dinner happens. 

We don't need multi-million dollar installations to get professional recordings anymore. The DIY desktop recording movement is in full effect, and has been for a long time.  

Here's a short example of some of my production below. A contrast, briefly, between a song laid bare as I receive it, and the same passage played again with instruments and effects added.

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"I was so happy to have Jeremy produce a song on my latest CD. He has such a tremendous ear for arrangment and stacking sounds. It has also been a joy to play with him live. He always adds such a great deal to any performance!"

Gale Trippsmith - singer / songwriter / guitarist

"Jeremy has such a unique style which somehow still fits into any project he's involved with. I've heard him on Latin, Folk, Pop, Jazz and he always brings the right vibe to the tunes while maintaining his own voice. He's also very good at Risk©, has exquisite taste in t-shirts, and is probably taller than you."

Kirk Adams - singer / songwriter / guitarist


"Jeremy plays the piano with personality and musical sensitivity. It's always a pleasant experience performing with him in O Som Do Jazz and my other projects."

Dr. David Manson - trombonist / composer

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