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Toy Window is what I call my recording, arranging and production operation. It’s where I work with singers, songwriters, composers, and instrumentalists to help put their songs and ideas on tape. Or hard drive, actually.

The studio is my home. Literally.

It’s not just the place where music happens. It’s also the place where dinner happens.

We don’t need multi-million dollar installations to get professional recordings anymore. The DIY desktop recording movement is in full effect, and has been for a very long time. That being said, Toy Window might not be much of a studio compared to what you might think of when you think of a recording studio. It really is just my home, with some nice microphones, a bit of outboard gear, a big computer, some nice speakers and a lot of inspiration, creativity and an obsessive attention to detail. Yes and dinner, if you want some. We’ll make you plate.

I work with a lot of singer/songwriters, armed with a voice, a guitar and a great song or two. Or ten. Very often I get to be an entire band, or a whole orchestra, starting with the skeleton of a song and slowly adding flesh and blood to it. Often times the process is a collaboration between me and the artist, a mixture of both our ideas. Sometimes I’m given full reign over the song. Other times the artist knows exactly what they want. In all situations, the end result is something both the artist and I are proud to share with the world.




This is Nest by Rebecca Zapen, (my lovely wife) performed, recorded and mixed at Toy Window. This album won Florida Album of the Year in 2011 and continues to top the folk charts on Reverbnation. Needless to say, we’re pretty happy with how this record turned out. It’s warm, cozy and a testament to the excellent results that are possible from small studio/desktop recording.

She also made a really cool video for my favorite track.



CD cover.ReviewShine.obverse


More Than I is an EP by Kasondra Rose. This record was very much a collaboration between me and Kasondra. She’s a fantastic singer/songwriter with great indie pop sensibilities who could have come to Toy Window with just her guitar and her voice and recorded them the way she does them live on her solo gigs. But we stretched out a little bit and came up with some interesting sound design for what turned into a fun and adventurous EP.



Here’s some examples of the kind of work I do. Each sound file is a contrast between the song as it’s presented to me, and the song as I present back to the artist.


Also, Film Scores!
Here’s a couple:

Beard – The Movie from Pilot Moon Films on Vimeo.


KA-BAR Knives Presents … Zombie Farm from KA-BAR Knives on Vimeo.