Jeremy Douglass was once asked what kind of music he plays. 

His reply? 

All of it.” 

Jeremy is a solo and ensemble pianist and accompanist living in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has performed jazz, broadway shows, rock, country, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music in large venues for thousands, in concert halls large and small, club stages, intimate dining rooms, theaters and arenas throughout the world on six continents. He’s performed for partygoers, refined royalty, jazz aficionados, Texas-swing line dancers and salsa dancers, intimate fine-dining patrons and large arena concert-goers. 


Like a man chasing after his hat, Jeremy is always chasing after jazz. Jazz is his first and truest love, but even so, he’s toured the world in rock bands playing for entertainment-hungry troops on USO gigs at military bases in Europe, Africa and South America. He’s played extensively as a soloist on The World, the planet’s largest, ultra-exclusive, private mega-yacht, home to aforementioned royalty and the uber-rich and famous. On the ship, he enjoyed playing in front of amazing backdrops such as Easter Island, The Great Barrier Reef and the caldera of Krakatoa. The residents of The World loved him and tried to adopt him, but his heart belongs at home. He’s fluent in jazz, afro-cuban, rock and roll, texas swing, folk and bluegrass, indie underground, pop standards and EDM wizardry.


In addition, he’s also an experienced and accomplished producer and arranger for solo artists. With just a demo of a song, he can create an accompaniment that complements dynamically with anything from an orchestra to banging on tin cans and swinging cats around. Anything that makes a sound can be made musical. People have doubted that swinging cats around can be musical, but Jeremy is proving them all wrong. He’s a master programmer, arranger and instrumentalist. 


In short, a hundred years ago, Jeremy probably would have grown up listening to scratchy old blues recordings on the Victrola or an Edison cylinder, ended up jumping freight trains and playing honky-tonk in a Mississippi cat house. But these days, in the modern era, Jeremy grew up listening to everything and ended up playing all of it. All kinds of music, to all kinds of people in all kinds of places.